Pfizer Automation Engineer in Hangzhou Plant, China


Be responsible for routine and preventive maintenance work, ensure all the equipment and facilities work safely, efficiently and reliably.

主要职责 Responsibilities

自动化系统管理工作Automation system management

  • 管理维护自动化系统(PLC、DCS),确保控制系统运行良好,符合cGMP及相关法规要求。

Manage and maintain control system (PLC, DCS), ensure control system runs well,compliance with the requirements of cGMP and related regulatory.

  • 制定并维护车间控制系统的产品批处理配方。

Develop and maintain control system batch recipes for product in facilities.

  • 支持BMS,EMS系统相关的日常维护工作。

Support routine maintenance work for BMS,EMS system.

  • 支持仪表相关的维护及校验工作。

Support instrumentation related maintenance and calibration work.

  • 起草控制系统相关的规程。

Develop control system related SOPs.

维护管理工作Maintenance management

  • 维修和维护所有工厂设备设施,包括生产设备、通用工程设备(锅炉系统,空调系统,水处理系统)、实验室设备、仓库设备等,快速有效处理各种设备故障,完成设备的预防性维护。

Repairing and maintaining all kinds of equipment and facilities in the plant, including production equipment, utility equipment (boiler, HVAC, water treatment), laboratory equipment, warehouse and so on. Response quickly to equipment breakdown, complete preventive maintenance in time.

  • 协助仓库管理员进行维修用备品备件的管理,经济合理设置备品备件库存。

Support spare parts inventory management, ensure critical spare parts in hand and maintain economic inventory as well.

项目管理工作Project management

  • 支持设备及系统的安装、调试及验证等工作,支持相关设备及系统的改善、改造工作,从而保证相关设备及系统的正常运行。Support installation, commissioning, qualification and modification of equipment and systems, provide reliable equipment and systems.

  • 通过查看工程计划,与有关的承包商/工程师/顾问进行讨论,协调相关团队人员的工作活动, 支持工程项目的建设。

Support project construction by reviewing project plans, discussing with contractors/engineers/consultants and coordinating activities of team member involvement.


  • 积极参加工厂的安全活动、CIP活动和各种培训活动。

Actively participate in safety, RFT, CIP and training activities in the company.

  • 完成上级领导安排的其它各项工作。

Other assignments from superior.

任职资格 Job Qualification (最低任职要求 Minimum Requirements)


  • 自动化相关专业本科以上学历,5年以上维修工作经验

Bachelor degree or above in automation related; At least 5 years related working experience.


  • 熟悉药厂GMP要求及国家的相关法律法规知识。

Familiar with cGMP standard, the regulatory requirement and standards in Pharmaceutical industries

  • 熟悉SCADA(GE iFix, Siemens),、PLC(Siemens)、DCS(DeltaV)系统。

Familiar with SCADA(GE iFix, Siemens), PLC (Siemens) and DCS(DeltaV).


  • 工作责任心强,有独立判断及决定问题的能力

Good integrity, responsibility and problem-solving skills.

  • 具有团队精神和良好的沟通能力

Teamwork spirit, good communication and training abilities.

  • 较强的英文书面、口头表达能力

speaking and writing in English

C:Plant Clock Standard - 标准工时制 (China)

Pfizer is an equal opportunity employer and complies with all applicable equal employment opportunity legislation in each jurisdiction in which it operates.